With the competition rife, domain names nowadays come cheap, and web hosting can be accessed at a reasonable price depending on your hosting needs.

Choosing a good, cheap domain registrar is certainly not a walk in the park. Given that there are many hosting companies in the market, it becomes almost an unpleasant task trying to find out who has the best mix of pricing services and support.

Things to look out for when choosing a good domain registrar

  • check carefully for hidden fees on transferring or releasing
  • See if you are getting any email accounts/ email forwarders
  • Consider pricing and value
  • Use an ICANN registered registrar
  • Double check policy for domain transfer

Let’s have a look at the best and cheapest domain names that provide quality and affordable deals.

  • Name cheap

Namecheap is one of the web hosting company that provides cheap domain names and cheap registration as well. Dot.com domain names can go for as little as $11 while .net and. org names can go for about $12. They certainly have good customer reviews and come highly recommended. Apart from scoring well on customer service, Name cheap also comes with a host of features. Over and above their charges for services, they do have an additional yearly registration service for ICANN of about $18.

  • Godaddy

Godaddy is arguably ahead of the pack in domain name registrars. They have a series of new extensions with .mobi domains going for about $3 per year while .net domains priced at $9 per year. Their prices are hard to beat. Customer reviews, however, show that their customer service is wanting although with their kind of popularity they must be doing something right in other departments. With this in mind, they are worth checking out.

  • Name.com

This web host has .com, .org and .net domain names starting from $11 per year. Name.com are notable for their above average customer service and great support. Though they might not have the cheapest domain names, they more than make up for this in flexible pricing plans and excellent customer support.

A unique aspect of this web host is the “Domain Nabber” service that allows customers to grab expired domain names which may be relevant to their business. In fact, with this service, you might be off to good start on your next online venture with a great domain name.


All the above web hosts, though not perfect, have one thing in common: The relatively cheap domain names and hosting plans they provide.