There is much in a domain name. It is quite literally the turn-key that has the potential to convert a raw IP address into an interactive site that is human-friendly. Your domain name is essentially your name on the internet so it should matter to you who is doing the hosting of your website.

Where would be the best place to register a domain name?

 It’s hard to mention one company over another because different hosts suit different needs. So it is incumbent upon you to scrutinize those needs before settling for a given registrar. When choosing a domain registrar, the below-hosting tips will come in handy during the process.

 A combination of these factors will determine your satisfaction level with any given web host.

  • Price
  • User experience
  • Interface
  • Principle
  1. Price

It is, unfortunately, true that most domain registrars are unscrupulous and known for having introduction prices and then raising prices to you once you have committed to them. The best way of judging them is to look at their one-year renewal pricing for .com domain names.

  • Godaddy runs at $ 14.99 for .com domains
  • Namecheap runs at $10.69

So if your priority is to save a bit of cash and keep your website running for 2 yrs then name cheap wins the day. However, if you probably just want to claim a name fast and don’t mind transferring it later then Go Daddy would be an ideal option.

  1. Customer Experience;

When settling for a domain name provider, it is important to consider the overall experience of purchasing, using and navigating the site. Points you should look out for to enhance your user experience;

  • Ease of auto-renewal
  • Straight forward check out process
  • High IQ suggestion engine
  • Organized knowledge base
  • Prompt speed chat support, good phone support is an added advantage.
  1. Interface

The domain name server (DNS) is where you configure your domain name. A poorly done interface can be very frustrating whereas an easy and user-friendly interface can mean a quick and easy set up with minimal visits while your site runs efficiently.

  1. Principle

It pays to consider what values a web host stands for before giving them your business. Some domain registrars employ dubious means of trying to lock their customer in which may be good for their profits but not ethical.

It is in the same breath that we insist that you must read the fine print carefully while signing a contract with any host to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road.